7 Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

Substance abuse recovery is a complex journey that often requires a multifaceted approach. While individual therapy plays a crucial role in addressing personal issues, group therapy offers unique benefits that can enhance recovery outcomes. Group therapy provides individuals with a supportive environment to connect with others with similar experiences and struggles. It fosters a sense of belonging and empathy, both of which are instrumental in the recovery process.

Thought identification and replacement is a cornerstone of CBT, which is an evidence-based treatment for both anxiety and depression (Wolgensinger, 2015). Members write down as many goals as they would like and pass the ideas around. Once the list is complete, the group can brainstorm practical ways to implement behaviors substance abuse group activities that will help achieve these goals. As clients do this individually, they can share the effects of the problem with group members, which offers support and validation. The activities should reflect the goals and composition of group members as well as the theoretical approach used by the group leader or therapist.

Group Ideas & Topics

For more tips on facilitating check-in and the role of personal interactions between group members, have a look at the videos we’ve linked to below. For example, if you have time for a longer check-in from each member, a phrase like “tell us the story of…” can be a good prompt for members to share more than a few words. If you’re short on time and just want a quick update, using “say a few words on…” may be the better option.

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NIDA Challenges Program National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

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Have everyone write out a list of self-affirmation, then select one or more of these to share with the group. These can be general affirmations that might help anyone or targeted affirmations that celebrate the qualities that make you unique. Help group members who might be struggling with this by brainstorming affirmations for them. Discuss the upside to stress, i.e. the positive role that some forms of stress can play in your life.

150 More Group Activities and TIPS – Judith A. Belmont

Have the clients write their names in the middle of their poster with a marker of their choice. You can also spread the affirmations on a table for your group participants to look through. For the group’s first half, allow your clients to paste the strips to their posters. As individuals continue in recovery group activities, they begin to develop very strong bonds with one another. The implementation of new and challenging activities for group members helps to strengthen those bonds. Ask group members to introduce themselves by sharing three weird, funny, or interesting things about themselves as an “ice breaker” for one of your addiction recovery support group activities, .

They may bring one luxury item, one entertainment item, and one survival item. This is often a revealing activity that can help members get to know one another. Members of the group will each get an index card with a topic on it (any random topic will do). This fun activity allows members to open up, get creative, and express ideas and opinions about specific topics.

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