What Is a Tech Audit?

A technical audit is an in-depth analysis of a company’s technological infrastructure. The aim is to discover strengths and weaknesses within the technology stack and to ensure that it is in line with the business objectives. This is an essential step prior to launching a new project, and it provides an important insight into how the technology will work.

Tech audits differ from IT reviews and security assessments which focus more on assessing systems for compliance and security. Tech audits look at all the tools your business employs to perform its work, their efficiency, costs, and integrations with various technologies.

The specifics of a tech audit are determined by the person conducting the audit. It may be requested by the CFO who wants to reduce software costs or by a group leaders looking to be more productive and agile.

A tech stack audit typically uncovers that different tools are employed to perform the same tasks. For example, engineering might employ Jira, while marketing teams use Asana and Wrike. The result is that data isn’t flowing freely across departments and forming a single source of truth.

These applications are often used by specific departments or teams. While some of them may be beneficial and provide value, they also be risky particularly where to view steam screenshots if they’re not tested for security or integrations with other technology. A tech audit gives leadership an understanding of the tools they use and the way they are used and helps determine if they should be integrated into the larger technology stack.

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